About us

KIMALCO Mattress is the wholesale mattress division of KIMALCO Inc. It is owned and operated by the Pike Family. The Pike family has been building mattresses with pride in Evansville since 1946. 

All KIMALCO Mattresses are made with the classic designs that have proven to withstand the test of time. Quality, Service, and Comfort are what we build into every mattress. 

All mattresses are handcrafted by factory trained craftsmen and women. It all starts in the sewing room where all panels are measured, cut, and sewn by hand to ensure quality at a five point inspection. The mattress borders are still measured and cut by hand with the help of an original Bechik border measuring machine used by our family when they started manufacturing in 1946. Meanwhile, the saw room is cutting the insulation fibers and foams manually with special saws so the foam is just the right size. Once the fabric panels and insulation fiber and foam are cut they are then taken to the quilting department where the quilters load each panel into our panel quilters. Panel quilters use lock-stitch technology to secure the quilting fibers and foams to the fabric for a more durable hold than computerized quilters. It also gives the quilters opportunity to inspect the panels for quality assurance before and after quilting. Next our build-up team carefully assembles the mattresses with the classic true-flange construction to ensure that everything is held carefully in place before it it sent to the tape-edge department to be tapped. The tape-edge team trains for years to become master tappers. A skilled mattress tape-edge person is the most sought after employee in our industry. Where most factories have only a small portion of employees that can tape, we are proud to say that half of our staff are tape-edge masters. After the mattress is tapped the tape edge operator gives it one final inspection before it is bagged and finished. 

As if hand-crafted wasn't enough of a skill, all mattresses made by KIMALCO Mattress are double sided. This means that all the work is doubled for a two sided mattress. This is virtually unheard of today but it was not so long ago that all mattresses were double sided. A double sided mattress is a mattress that is finished out on both sides with sleep surface insulation so you can flip it over. This gives you twice the sleep surface and three times the lifespan. This reduces customer complaints and ensures happier customers.